Yard Care

Weekly & Monthly


Our yard care service provides complete

ongoing management of your landscape.  This

service gives you total confidence that​

your landscape is being managed and maintained properly so you can rest easy.  We will work with you on long and short term goals including design, water management, organic gardening, long term project planning and budgets.  If you are tired of the same old mow and blow give us a call.






Our quarterly service helps provide seasonal planning and preparation.  We try to tailor quarterly planning to match the seasons.  A sample program may look something like this,

Spring - planting and weed control

Summer - water management and lawn care

Fall - winter preparation, drainage and erosion control

Winter, pruning and irrigation improvements.

Yard Care Services


Need some help but don't know who to turn to our trust?  Want to do your own landscape project and need some guidance?  We can help with everything from complete

landscape design and implementation, to teaching you how to program your irrigation controller.

Give us a call.

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Yard Spa


Sometimes your yard just needs needs a major spa treatment.  This usually never happens, but your yard should be treated to it a least once a year.  Just like any spa treatment, it requires having individuals involved that are the best at what they do.  Blade works with the best in the business to give your yard a full and complete treatment.  We will clip, pluck, comb, spike, trim, shave, exfoliate, stretch, message, feed and dress.  You may leave in the morning thinking your yard looks like Freddy Kruger, but you will come home to Paul Newman.

Yard spa pricing varies by project size and treatment.  Call today to set up an appointment and give back to the one who gives so much.